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Royal Academy Of Dance

IDA is the only registered and approved examination center in Broward county offering the Royal Academy of Dance dance education and training program certification. Under the patronage of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Academy of Dance is one of the largest and most influential dance training organizations in the world. Promoted in over 70 countries worldwide, RAD is respected for its universal high standards and degree of difficulty. Starting from the age of 6 to post-graduation, Dancers learn an age-appropriate ballet syllabus. Then they are tested by a RAD-trained and selected examiner. Dancers who pass their examination are awarded an internationally recognized diploma. 

With nearly 100 of the academy’s students participating annually, IDA is proud to report a 100% pass rate for all of its students.  Many progress through the entire program culminating in the Advanced Level 2 exams.  Many IDA students have passed their final exam with distinction and thereby qualified for the Margot Fonteyn International Dance Competition [formally known as Adeline Gene] which is held in a major world city annually. IDA students have traveled to Johannesburg, Glasgow, Hong Kong, and elsewhere to participate.  We are extremely proud to report that IDA has experienced truly exceptional high marks from all candidates, including an unheard of 100% perfect score by Seoyeon Kim.  The 2023 examination results were exceptional.

Royal Academy of Dance Advanced Examination