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Our Studio

IDA is located at the Broward Lakes Business Park where Davie, Weston and Sunrise meet.  The academy includes over 5,500 square feet of state of the art studio space.  Three studios are fully equipped with sprung floors, floor to ceiling mirrors, sound system and air conditioning.  A spacious lobby allows for parent interaction and observation along with a spacious dressing area for students.  The facility also houses a costume/prop room, and sewing room. 

Progressive Ballet Training class
Dancers posing in line at barre

The state-of-the-art studios have put us in a class of our own. The 5,500 sq.ft facility is situated in a safe environment and is dedicated exclusively to the Academy. The three studios are bright and airy, with sprung-floors and air-conditioning, wall to wall mirrors and well-supported ballet barres.